Nuestra Senora Czestochowa Church


Bears the name in honor of the black Virgin of Poland, a religious icon in that country, whose origin is attributed to an old painting made by Luc the Evangelist, which traveled from Jerusalem to Constantinople, according to one of the oldest documents of Jasna Gora, until arriving to Czestochowa, an industrial city located in the South of Poland.

The church was built on June 14, 1981 during Thanksgiving in gratitude to Our Lady of Czestochowa for saving the life of Pope John Paul II, after the assassination attempt occurred on May 13, 1981. The construction was carried out thanks to the collaboration of Jose Asaf, who contributed with most of the funds.

Pope John Paul II visited the temple on January 31, 1985, during his four-day visit to Ecuador; he blessed the church and celebrated a mass in honor of the Virgin of Czestochowa, patron saint of Poland, his original homeland. A monument was crafted to commemorate this visit.




Antonio Parra Velasco Avenue, Northeast 16 A Street, Acuarela del Rio Citadel.
Mass schedule: Mondays to Saturdays: 18h30; Sundays: 08h00, 11h00, 18h00, 19h30.
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Facade of the Church ( Directorate of Press Municipality of Guayaquil)
The Church has a monument to Pope Juan Pablo II ( Directorate of Press Municipality of Guayaquil)
Image of the Pope Juan Pablo II, who the blessed the church during his visit to Ecuador in 1985(Directorate of Press Municipality of Guayaquil)