San Jose La Salle School (Heritage)


The history of the school dates back to 1863, but its definitive foundation was on August 23, 1870. The heritage building, the fifth in the history of the Institution, was built and designed by Brother Francisco Xavier Tardif Aynar, who also led the works in 1939, according to a plaque placed on the building, by the Association of former students, in 1948.
The construction began on July 31, 1939. In 1960, the construction of the Chapel, located on the second floor of the campus, was completed.  Its name recalls the educational work of Juan, its Patron Saint.
Bautista La Salle.


Its four-story building that comprises classrooms connected by wide corridors; also sports courts, an events hall in the ground floor, laboratories, gyms and administrative spaces.

Tomas Martinez Street and Escobedo Avenue.
Photo gallery: 
San Jose La Salle School  (Parsival Castro).
San Jose La Salle School, Chapel (Parsival Castro).
San Jose La Salle School  (Parsival Castro).
San Jose La Salle School  (Felipe Cucalón).