Administration Square

Plaza de la Administración


It is surrounded by beautiful heritage buildings like the Municipality, which construction dates back to 1929; the Governor’s palace, built in 1924 and the Martin Aviles building, built in 1930. This pedestrian walkway houses the monument in honor of Marshal Antonio Jose de Sucre, which is surrounded by the fountains of Glory and Grace. 

There is a group of sculptures in Clemente Ballen Street that evokes the Forge of Vulcan, meeting in which was sealed the commitment for the independence deed of October 9, 1820.  From the year 2000, the Municipality of Guayaquil built the square within the urban regeneration process, which was inaugurated on December 27, 2002. Architect Douglas Dreher designed the square and Angela Saa was in charge of the development of the project.


The Arosemena passage is one of the urban attractions of the square; it goes through the Municipal Palace and the visitor can appreciate the iron and glass casing with decorative stained glass windows, and also the caryatides that support its pillars, made by artist Emilio Soro Lenti.


Clemente Ballen Street and Picnincha Avenue.