Ala-Vedra y Tama Castle (Heritage)

Castillo de Ala - Vedra y Tama (Patrimonial)


The building belonged to Guayaquil businessman Jose Maria Ala-Vedra y Tama and was inaugurated on June 16, 1962. Currently it is a condominium.


Its Hispanic-Roman medieval style with a fortress structure. Built on an area of 400 square meters, the building has four stories, in which highlight its 76 windows and three round towers of twenty feet in diameter. The central tower is of 25 meters high and the lateral ones have 20 meters.

The facade depicts four family crests; in its lower part, there are block shapes of rustic stone. The rest of the fa├žade is covered in polished bricks.

It has two wide portals and two walled courtyards. The main entrance has an iron ornamental square fence, with a gate of the same material that opens sideways on steel rails.
It also has another square and flat gate, made of balsam wood, studded with brass lion heads. Five stairs of a staircase are carved from Andean granite stone, worked in marble, which is followed by the grand staircase of Carrara marble of three feet wide, with four sections of handrail iron chains.
At the top of this door is a semicircle iron railing with tipped down spears and adorned with bronze flowers, through there one goes to the first floor and reaches the lobby, which surrounds the ladder gap. On this floor there are four balsam wood doors, one of them leads to the Gala Hall, a round saloon with four large windows; other doors lead to the spacious living rooms, and the third gives access to the bedrooms and restrooms. The castle is lit with six rock crystal chandeliers of Bohemia.

Colon Avenue and Garcia Aviles Street.