Aquatic Park of the cooperative Juan Montalvo

Parque Acuático de la Cooperativa Juan Montalvo


This is the first aquatic park for children equipped with water slides. This park is located in the lineal park of the cooperative Juan Montalvo, North of the city.

This water park is the sixth that was built in the city, but the first with this modality and structure where two services are provided: Classic water games and slides. In both, children can enjoy free water baths and under the supervision of the staff who will be in charge of the water slides and pool level.

The new work also has food stores, baths, walk-in closets, road anti slip, green areas, lighting with street lighting and perimeter closing.

The Park is located in the cooperative Juan Montalvo, and favors directly to the residents of 26 r cooperatives of the km. 8.6 on the road to Daule.

The aquatic park will open its doors of Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 h 00 until 14 h 00, and will have capacity for 600 people.


Cooperativa Juan Montalvo