Aurora Gloriosa Obelisk (Glorious Dawn)

Obelisco a la Aurora Gloriosa



The obelisk pays tribute to the independence deed of October 9, 1820. It was inaugurated on October 9, 1999 and was inspired in the city’s Hymn, wrote by Jose Joaquin de Olmedo, illustrious patriot of Guayaquil, whose verses highlight the dawn of October 9, 1820, day in which the city and the country achieved their independence.

According to a an article published in “El Patriota” newspaper in 1821, Olmedo, himself, as member of the “Provisional Board” of the then “Free Province of Guayaquil” of 1821, commissioned the construction of the monument in the dock of the city. The construction was completed 179 years later during the mandate of Mayor Leon Febres Cordero.



The obelisk is made of translucent marble, idea conceived by Olmedo. Its pyramidal marble structure, which is semi-submerged in a small lagoon, refers to the importance of the port that served as a point of entrance and departure of vessels, from the stone stairs that are still preserved almost intact.

Simon Bolivar Pier, next to 10 de Agosto Street.