Bust to Commander Rafael Morán Valverde

Busto Del Comandante Rafael Morán Valverde



This monument honors the Commander Rafael Moran Valverde, the greatest hero of the Ecuadorian navy that led a group of brave marines, like no other, in the naval fight of Jambeli during the war with Peru in 1941.

Moran Valverde was born in Guayaquil on April 5, 1904; he passed away on May 2, 1958. He commanded the Calderon gunboat; an inferior ship compared to its rival the “Admiral Villar”, a ship six times its size, with weapons ten times more powerful and with more range than the Ecuadorian vessel. Despite this handicap, the small gunboat gave glory to the Ecuadorian Navy Fleet, thus becoming an example of nobility, honor, courage and heroism.


Simon Bolivar Pier, next to Padre Aguirre Street
Pedro Carbo