Bust to Leon Febres Cordero

Busto León Febres-Cordero

The effigy measured 5 meters of height and was made in Spain by the artist Victor Ochoa. Once in Guayaquil, the bust was placed in a pool at the Simon Bolivar Pier, near to Sucre Street, with the eyes of Febres Cordero looking east. The bust was inaugurated on 27 August at 17h00, and on the same day, Mayor Jaime Nebot delivered to Guayaquil the tour named Leon Febres Cordero, limited South by this monument and to the North by the Obelisk which people settled near the Las Penas Neighborhood. .

The bust is a tribute to Febres Cordero for his contribution to the transformation of Guayaquil during his two terms as Mayor (1992-1996 and 2000-2004) and his historical significance in the country.

Simon Bolivar Pier, near to Sucre Street