Bust to Pedro Franco Dávila

Busto de Pedro Franco Dávila



The bust was crafted to honor Pedro Franco Davila who was a wise naturalist born in Guayaquil (Guayaquil 1711-Madrid 1786), and founder of the Museum of Natural History of Madrid. The name of the sculptor that crafted the bust is unknown, and it's a copy of the sculpture of the Madrid Museum, where the ancient Royal Cabinet operated after being founded with the art collections of this remarkable character. The bronze sculpture, revealed in 1987, was brought from Spain as a gift to the city, by the writer Maria de los Angeles Calatayud, author of the book “Pedro Franco Davila and the Royal Cabinet of Natural History”.

Initially the monument was located in the Simon Bolivar Pier, near Villamil Street until the year of 2002 when it was transferred to the Botanical Gardens of the Simon Bolivar Pier.



The statue is supported by a white crushed-stone base; it represents the famous naturalist of Guayaquil dressed like the knights of the XVI century, wearing a wig, a necktie, a cassock and a cape. 

Avenue Malecon Simon Bolivar next to Imbabura Street.
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