Cerro Blanco Protected Forest

History: The Cerro Blanco protected forest is a reserve of 6.078 hectares within the tropical dry forest ecosystem of the Ecuadorian coast, located in the extreme southwest area of the Chongon - Colonche mountain range.

Pro Bosque Foundation, a private and non-profit organization established under Ministerial Agreement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, on November 9, 1992, manages the place in order to protect and rehabilitate the forest.

Attractions: the ecosystem of lush native vegetation of tropical dry forest that is part of the Chongon Colonche mountain range that is home to 54 mammal species, 221 bird species, 8 amphibian species and 12 reptiles. In addition to more than 700 species of vascular plants, 20% of them, endemic species of the southwest of Ecuador.

Fauna: Among 221 bird species, 9 of them are threatened with extinction, including the Parrot of Guayaquil (Ara ambiguus guayaquilensis), the Hawk (Dorsigris), the Afrazanado Goldfinch, and the Verde Mayor Macaw, bird symbol of Cerro Blanco, among others.

Among the 54 species of mammals, are the Jaguar (Panthera onca), the howler monkey (Alouatta palliata), the collared peccary, 6 species of felines, and 21 species of bats. There are different kinds of monkeys and many other species of reptiles and insects.

Flora: The forest has five categories of "potential natural vegetation", in which there are plain dry forests and rocky slopes; moist ravines forests and sub humid forests of plateaus and peaks. There are also 500 species of vascular plants that are endemic to the tropical dry forest region.

Services: one of the management programs of Cerro Blanco Protected Forest is the visitors program that offers a recreational experience focused on the enjoyment and appreciation of the resources provided by nature, which we bear responsibility to protect. It also constitutes a natural laboratory for students and the public in general in which people can interact with nature and thus comply with the aim of developing and strengthening a culture of conservation and good management of our natural resources.

The interesting thing of visiting Cerro Blanco is that offers the opportunity to go deep into the forest and learn about the benefits offered by this system, as well as the possibility to learn about the importance of conservation and protection.

Tours: guided walks through natural trails: Higueron Trail (2 hours hiking) $12.00 to $25.00 (English); Mono Aullador Trail (4-5 hours) $15.00 to $35.00 (English); self-guided tree trail (20 minutes).

Camping: it has a camping area that can be accessed with prior reservation and a cabin for those wishing to spend the night.

Reservations: Visitors should send an email clearly indicating: date, time, number of people and chosen trail. They will receive a response about the availability. Costs will also be detailed for the visit

Email: fundacionprobosque@gmail.com

LocationKilómetro 16 de la vía a la Costa (E-40).View map
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HourLunes a viernes de 08h00 a 16h00 (previa reservación). Sábados y domingos de 08h00 a 16h00 (no necesita hacer reservaciones).
RateTickets for students or children $3.00; College students, adults: $4.00; seniors: $2.00; Bike-path: $2.00.
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