“Cinco como un puño” Monument (Five as a fit)

Monumento a los Escritores Guayaquileños “Cinco como un puño”



The monument pays tribute to five writers from Guayaquil, members of the "Group of Guayaquil”, composed by Enrique Gil Gilbert, Jose de La Cuadra, Demetrio Aguilera Malta, Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco and Joaquin Gallegos Lara (all deceased), who marked an era, as traditionalists novelists, that expressed a social realist literature, telling epic stories about people from the Coast, and that became milestones in the Ecuadorian narrative prose of the XX century.

The name of the monument refers to a metaphor said by Enrique Gil Gilbert during the funeral of his partner Joaquin Gallegos Lara, in 1947, which then became the identity card of the "Group of Guayaquil”: "Reality and nothing else than reality. We were five as a fist."



The monument made in bronze, has the shape of a fist over an open book surrounded by the face of these five writers from the “Group of Guayaquil”.


Pier of the Salado Estuary between 9 de Octubre Avenue and Aguirre Street.