Cinema Malecon (IMAX)

Cinema Malecón


Cinema Malecon is located at the former IMAX movie theater, which was inaugurated on March 2013. It offers two types of format projections: Digital Advance 3D and the IMAX (Image Maximum), with the format of 15/70 mm.


The cinema has a modern and powerful projector of advanced technology, which allows watching movies in 3D digital format with the best image definition of the city. This two-format system for the projection of 4K movies (advanced saloon 3D) offers the goggles Active Lenses 3D Edge Volfoni 1.2, with liquid crystal technology.

The benefit of the Imax system is that the room has the capacity of offering images in a larger size and definition that the conventional systems.

Guayaquil has the honor of being the first city in South America that has an Imax theater.

Simon Bolivar Pier, near Loja Street
Pedro Carbo