Civic Square

Plaza Cívica



It was inaugurated in 1999, as part of the process of urban regeneration that created an area of approximately 25 thousand square meters formed by broadleaved green areas with monuments of great historic importance.



One of its main architectonic attractions is a great portion of its area (approximately 10 thousand square meters) that was reclaimed from the river by a reinforced concrete base, on a pilot foundation, which approaches the city to its quite river.

The Civic Square comprises famous monuments like the Rotunda Hemicycle to Bolivar and San Martin, the Moorish Tower (public clock), the President`s Walkway (monuments to former presidents from Guayaquil) and also peculiar sculptures like the Wild Boar. It’s the home of two traditional Clubs: the Naval Club and the Yacht Club that have been incorporated to the project respecting their access and private requirements. The Square also has four sculptures that evoke popular culture and represent the four elements of nature (earth, air, fire and water), two of them transformed into viewpoints, which provide the visitor a privileged view of the city and its surroundings. There is also an esplanade with a series of water fountains that create an exceptional environment at night.

Simon Bolivar Pier, between 10 de Agosto and P.Icaza streets