Clemente Yerovi Park

Parque Clemente Yerovi



 The park is popularly known as Kennedy Park (for its location) officially has the name of Clemente Yerovi in honor of the Ecuadorian ex-president, born in Barcelona, España in August 10th  of 1904 and deceased in Guayaquil on July 19th of 1981. Was interim president from March 30th 1966 thru November 16th of the same year, where he yields his mandate to an Assembly to be able to choose his successor.

In a short course of six months, has as a principal project, the construction of a bridge over the Guayas river, known as Unidad Nacional Bridge.

The park was submitted to a remodeling process, executed by the municipality of Guayaquil in 2004.


 The park of recreational-sportive use, is an ideal place to play sports.. It has an extensive track, around its contour of approximately 500 meters, that allows to jog or ride a bike. Although has indoor soccer fields, basket and places to do aerobics where you can find bio healthy machines. There is also children’s game.


Federico Gonzalez (Olimpo) street and Periodista avenue, Kennedy Residential Community, north of the city.
Abierto todos los días de 06h00 a 22h00