Colon Square

Plaza Colón



It was the first square of the city, therefore is of great importance and transcendence. Built in the XVI century, in 1539, at the slopes of the “Cerrito Verde”, currently Santa Ana Hill, and next to a church, which was a tradition at the time; the square turned into a resting and recreational place for tourists and parishioners and was the first Arms Square of the city.

In 1842, during the first years of the Republic, it was named Square of La Concepcion, but in 1903, a fire destroyed it. Six years later, in 1909, thanks to the community work of the neighbors, the Square was rebuilt and was named as Colon Square in honor of the discoverer of the American continent.

Trough time, the square has been a silent witness of the revolutionary movements of independence, popular uprisings, fires, pirate and buccaneer attacks and other developments that marked the history of Guayaquil.



The Firefighters Museum is located within the surroundings of the square, also an agora used for artistic performances and a monument to captain Francisco de Orellana.

Avenue Vicente Rocafuerte and Sargento Moran Buitron Street, Las Peñas Neighborhood