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The museum of the Meritorious Fire Department of Guayaquil was established on June 1, 1979, by presidential decree No. 3463 that was published the same day in the Official Registry No. 856. The process to open the museum started on July 25, 1979 when the first equipment an artifacts were collected.

The Museum was officially inaugurated on July 25, 1982 under the name of Colonel Felix Luque Plata, one of the most illustrious chiefs of the Fire Department. The first headquarters were located in a small area of the mezzanine of the old water supplier plant, which opened on January 1, 1905, during the presidency of Eloy Alfaro.

In 2001, during the administration of colonel Jaime Cucalon Icaza, the current museum was built maintaining the original structure of the beginnings of the XX century.



The old access door, a relic from 1920 that belonged to the house of Clementina Roca de Peña, which was located in Chile and Clemente Ballen streets. Tells the story that the door wasn’t affected by the fire that resulted from the fall of a military plane called “Diablo Rojo” (red devil) a, which was later acquired by Colonel Aurelio Carrera Calvo on May 8, 1939.

A water fountain from 1902 can be appreciated in the small square of the museum. Another attraction is a semicircle that houses the busts of the chiefs of the Fire Department, colonels Asisclo Garay Portocarrero, Aurelio Carrera Calvo, Julio Cesar Rumbea Rosales, Manuel Diaz Granados, Genaro Cucalon Jimenez and Gabriel Gomez Sanchez.

There is an exhibition inside the museum that presents old water pumps, tools, uniforms and awards, besides valuable oil paintings and portraits of the Fire Department Commanders. Also, animal-drawn carts from the end of the XX century until the modern vehicles of today.

Among the clothing exhibition, stands out the asbestos suit that was wore to fight high temperature fires, which are currently out of use.  Within the historical aspect of the museum, the visitor can learn about the great fires, the history, places and conditions in which the members of the “Casaca Roja” (redcoats) have worked.

The floor of the Museum preserves the cobblestones that were used in the streets of Guayaquil. The place has relic exhibition rooms and photo galleries of illustrious firefighters.

Services: offers an audiovisual room for children that presents short films regarding the prevention of fires.

Vernaza Blind Alley and Malecon Simon Bolivar Avenue.
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