Comic con Ecuador

Comic con Ecuador 2018

Comic Con is a Convention that brings together lovers of comic books, superheroes, anime, video games and animated series and that for 30 years has conquered the public around the world. It’s the most important Convention of "pop" culture and has been around the world, with the support of major film studios, television, video games and publishing. 

The event will have the participation of 16 international guests, among illustrators, cosplayers, players, collectors and comic book artists who collaborated with big publishing houses such as Marvel Comics and DC Comics. 

David Yost, who played the blue Power Ranger blue (Billy Cranston)

United States
He participated in more than 200 episodes of Power Rangers as Blue Ranger or Billy Cranston. He is the only one to appear in all episodes of the original series. Also remained in the series when it was renamed the Power Rangers Zeo.
Walter Emanuel Jones, he played the Black Power Ranger (Zack Taylor)

United States
He participated in a season and a half of the Power Rangers. He also contributed her vocal talent putting voice to several characters and monsters from the serie.
Alfonso Obregon

He’s a Mexican voice actor. He worked as dubbing director in Audiomaster 3000. One of his best known as actor roles is to give life to the ogre named Shrek, in the film of the same name. Other of his well-known works include: Fox Mulder on the secret records, Ren Höek Ren and Stimpy Show, and be the recurring voice of Bugs Bunny from 1994..
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