Composiciones Guayaquilenas Mural (Compostions from Guayaquil)

Mural Composiciones GuayaquileƱas


Hellen Constante Palacios


The work is one of the winners of the third mural contest carried out by the Municipality of Guayaquil. It symbolizes the coastal culture manifested in their cane houses, which combine several elements that show the characters, the wildlife, customs and the rural folklore.

In the mural, typical coastal elements can be distinguished as the man who rests in a hammock, animals such as crabs and iguanas, and agricultural products like bananas, palms, among others.

The artwork made by the daughter of famous painter Theo Constante, began to be crafted on May 10, 2002 using national ceramic with a craftsman artistic finish.

AFrancisco de Orellana Avenue and Agustin Freire Street.