Cristo del Consuelo Church

Iglesia Cristo del Consuelo


According to accounts given by historian Julio Estrada Ycaza and folklorist Guido Garay, the church was born in the populous Cristo del Consuelo Neighborhood in 1954, which was settled over a swamp on the banks of the Salado Estuary; within the premises of the old La Chala Hacienda, property of the Robles Chambers family, which was sold to the Municipality of Guayaquil.

The Neighborhood had the support of the Claretian priests at the beginning, which built the citadel by the name of Santisimo Cristo del Consuelo between 1961 and 1962, which was visualized by father Angel Maria Canals who later built the church. The first building was small and made of cane; subsequently, the religious order improved the structure.


The church carries out the traditional procession of Cristo del Consuelo, considered as one of the most important of the country and a symbol of faith for the people of Guayaquil. The procession represents the passion, death and resurrection of Christ, and is held every year from half a century ago (54 years) on Easter, during the morning of Holy Friday.

The pilgrimage starts at 07h00 from the church located in Lizardo Garcia Avenue and A Street, then, it continues through Azuay Street and Leonidas Plaza Avenue until reaching the Espiritu Santo Church (Azuay Street and Gallegos Lara Street). The procession is attended by approximately half million parishioners doing different penances in a tour that takes almost six hours.

The origin of this emblematic procession dates back to April 15, 1960, when the image of Cristo del Consuelo arrived to the place, which at that time was a plain full of mangrove and water. The image of 1.80 meters in height is a replica of the one located at the Sanctuary of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Madrid, which was crafted by artist from Cuenca Julio Quispe and his assistant Julio Jimbo by request of priest Angel Maria Canal.

Lizardo Garcia Avenue and A Street, Cristo del Consuelo Neighborhood.
GarcĂ­a Moreno
Mass schedule: Mondays to Fridays: 07h00, 08h00, 18h00; Saturdays: 07h00, 08h00, 17h30; Sundayss: 07h00, 08h00, 09h30, 11h00, 16h30, 17h30.