Descuento Bank (Heritage)

Antiguo Banco de Descuento (Patrimonial)


The old building of Descuento Bank was built in 1954 by Czech architect Karl Kohn Kagan, who arrived to Ecuador in 1939 running from the Nazi persecution during the Second World War. The building received the award of Best Commercial Building sponsored by the Municipality in 1954.
This banking institution established in 1920 by banker and former president of the country Carlos Julio Arosemena Tola, entered a liquidation process in 1985 by order of the Superintendence of Banks, but its legal status remains unsolved. Until there, the bank closed its doors and the Superintendence of Companies occupied the building.


The work is a perfect symbiosis between European rationalism and the local traditions that impressed the constructor when he arrived to Ecuador.
The columns of the fa├žade create an architectural rhythm that evokes strength and power. The mural crafted in metal with the design of architect and painter Karl Khon, reflect the images of the creative work of the industry, the commerce within a free and peaceful society.

Pichincha Avenue #418 and Aguirre Street