Divino Nino Sanctuary (Duran Canton)

Santuario del Divino Niño (Cantón Durán)


According to the website of the San Jacinto Dioceses, the sanctuary honors the holy infancy of Jesus, manifested through the devotion to the Divine Child, whose image was brought from Colombia by Italian priest Juan de Rizzo in 1935.

The miraculous fame of the Divine Child was learnt in Ecuador in 1980 and immediately captured the devotion of many.

The history of the Sanctuary begins in 1992 when the inhabitants of the Pedro Menendez Citadel, led by Maria Ines de Villacis, established a committee to build the temple. Three years later, in 1995, they requested an image of the Divine Child to Colombia to carry out a procession from the 9 de Octubre Boulevard and the Pier of the city to the Duran Church, on Christmas day. The walk gave origin to a tradition that was adopted years later. The image was placed in one of the altars and increased the attendance of the parishioners so much that the mass had to be celebrated outside the church, which growth the interest for having a temple consecrated solely to this image.

On May 26, 1996, the first stone was placed and on August 17 the construction began, thanks to the contribution of the devotees that carried out several benefit events to fund the works. Architect Luis Matamoros designed the temple, which was concluded on July 26, 1998 and has an auditorium, a day care center, several rooms for catechesis and a nursing home for the priests.

A new image of the Divine Child was crafted in the workshops of San Antonio de Ibarra, for the inauguration celebration, whose artisans specialize in all sort of carved figures. The previous image was placed inside a crystal urn in a prayer room where the visitors can leave letters and photographs for petitions and appreciation.


Every December 25, the procession of the Divine Child is carried out in Duran, which tours the main streets of the city; the walk of 15 kilometers long departures from the Railroad Station and ends at the sanctuary where an outdoor mass is celebrated.

Tells the story that this pilgrimage started because of the gratitude of an anonymous woman, who one day, received a picture of the Divine Child; when she read the prayer she felt plenitude, so she promised to disseminate its virtues.

Every 25 of each month there are smaller pilgrimages and on Saturdays many people arrive to the place that offers a guided tour.



Address: Roberto Gilbert Street and Manuela Cañizares, Pedro Menendez Gilbert Citadel, Duran.
Mass schedule: Mondays to Fridays: 07h30, 18h00; Saturdays: 10h00; Sundays: 09h00, 11h30, 17h30.