El Hombre de mi Tierra Mural (the man of my Land)

 Mural el Hombre de mi Tierra


Carlos Swett.

The designs depict characters representative of some values worthy of recognition: the modest youth that overcomes his situation through study; the chalan campirano, the tamer and fighter against difficulties; the workman that forges the progress with his hands and effort; the fish of the coast, tamer of currents and reserves; the cocoa farmer with his working woman partner representing an important aspect of the origins of progress in our city and country; the montubio dance, “a pata pelada”, which depict the wealthy land of our region.

The artwork design was crafted with the following basic materials: stone rebuilt with techniques that combine mixtures of special additives; and wall tiling. The stone is painted in grey colors and in certain places are lightly inked with unalterable minerals pigments.

Transport interchanger of Quito Avenue and Julian Coronel Street.