El Mesón de Don Suco

This traditional restaurant prepares a delicious seco de pato, which is seasoned with several spices like rosemary, basil, peppermint, mint leaves, cilantro, thyme, lemon balm, lemon verbena, saffron, cinnamon and cloves; all of them, lift the mid flavor of the duck meat.

The restaurant was established in 1978 as a restaurant, a gallery and a place for music performances; for the visitor to exchange art knowledge. It has a personalized service and the client can enjoy the dishes with a glass of red wine.

Raul Suconota is the owner of the place and an innate chef; he doesn’t use artificial flavors for his dishes, since he assures that natural ingredients are enough if used in the proper amount. The place was among the 30 huecas that participated in the Raices International Gastronomic Fair.

El Meson de Don Suco opens Mondays to Saturdays from 07h00 to 23h00. On Fridays the closing time is extended due to the number of visitors.

Other dishes: Lamb, Chicken or Goat Stew and sea bass, shrimp, mussels and smoked clams ceviches.

Telephone: 042524923 / 042532669
Cellphone: 0999262150

Seco de pato (duck stew)
Mondays to Saturdays from 07h00 to 23h00.
Pedro Carbo
Luque Street #203 and Pedro Carbo avenue