El Muerto Hill

Cerro El Muerto

History: part of the history of the Hill is composed by legends that residents of El Morro tell the visitors: "The Dead Man Hill” was an annoying place because at midnight, it was heard a band that surprised nearby towns". It was also said that the site was "haunted" because the place was used to bury the dead with all their clothes in clay pots; at midnight the souls went to the Church to pray and then they returned to their tombs.

Its singular name is due to a particular natural rocky elevation that can be seen from afar and it resembles the profile of a person lying down with the hands to the chest, which was baptized as "The Dead Man ". Geographically, the place is not more than a set of three hills not higher than 100 meters above sea level.

Attractions: This place is magnificent for adventure tourism, ideal for hiking, camping, climbing, cycling and to carry out the pilgrimage to the shrine of the Virgin of the Rock, a place for worship that is nationally recognized.

Access is simple; the visitor climbs several steps of concrete that are protected by 15 columns that narrate the Way of the Cross through a set of plaques, which reveal the Catholic fervor that has always existed in the parish. From that height, a panoramic view of el Morro can be enjoyed.

Flora and Fauna: in addition, the place is rich in flora and fauna. In this place various species of trees can be observed such as: carob, muyuyo, cascol, aromo, plum, juquillo ceibo, and pitajaya. Regarding the animals, there are gulls, herons, pelicans, mockingbirds, boobies and at certain times of the year, sea lions and blue-footed boobies can be appreciated.

How to arrive: from Guayaquil go Via de Coast to General Villamil Playas located at 90 kilometers from this city. From Playas take El Morro Road. Before arriving at the town, there is a sign on the right side of the road that says "The Virgin of the Rock". Follow this ballast road to find the parking area. The bus ride takes approximately two hours and if travelling by car, an hour and a half.


Reservations: buggy rides (two people): $20.00. Bicycle rides: $7.00 per person.


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