Equestrian Monument to the Liberator Simon Bolivar

Monumento Ecuestre al Libertador Simón Bolívar



Tells the story that by an initiative of the company of firefighters "Salamander", on November 3, 1872, the Governor’s Office decided to form a Committee to be responsible for building a statue in honor of the Liberator.

The sculpture belongs to Italian sculptor Giovanny Anderlini and the assembly and construction of the base was in charge of architect Rocco Queirolo.

The work casted in the Roma workshops "Nelly" departed from Genoa to Ecuador by sea on July 9, 1888, and the next day, was placed the first stone at the base of the monument. The work ended more than one year later and on July 24,1889, the day of the celebration of the 106 years of the birth of Bolivar, a major event was carried out for the respective inauguration which had the presence of the President of the country, Antonio Flores Jijon.



The sculpture, work of Italian sculptor Giovanny Anderlini, shows the liberator Simon Bolivar riding a horse and wearing his military suit, greeting his people. The statue, of 4.25 meters in height and 30 tons of weight, is made of bronze and rests on a plinth of Carrara marble, which features the coat of arms of Ecuador. In addition there are details of great artistic skill, among which are the expression of the face of Bolivar, the feathers in his hat, the folds of the coat he is wearing; as well as the horse’s mane, tail and helmet, and the veins of his legs.

Chile Street and 10 de Agosto Street.