Estampas de Guayaquil Antiguo Mural (Scenes of the Old Guayaquil) (Homage to Luis Wallpher Bermeo)

Mural Estampas de Guayaquil Antiguo (Homenaje a Luis Wallpher Bermeo)


Juan Sanchez Andrade.


The mural is a tribute to painter from Quito Luis Wallpher Bermeo, who passed away in 1990.

There are seven paintings in the mural, which individually represent the daily characteristics of the popular good living: the women selling crabs that walked through the neighborhoods of the city, the popular duo performing serenades with their romantic voices, old carriages like the one pulled by animals, the man who sold wafers and popcorn, the “cholo” who sold fish and the ice cream man from Cuenca.

The mural was crafted with glazed tiled ceramic in a mosaic pattern and the work was chosen in the overpass contest carried out by the Municipality of Guayaquil in 2007.

Francisco de Orellana and Guillermo Pareja Rolando avenues.