The Faun and the Bacchante Sculpture

El Fauno y la Bacante


Luis Veloz.


this 95-year-old monument, made by Ecuadorian sculptor, Luis Veloz in the year 1918, is inspired by the visit to Guayaquil of Spanish dancer Tortola Valencia, who performed at the Olmedo and Eden theaters between 1922 and 1930. Because of the sensual nature of the dancer, one of the most ancient myths of mankind is evoked, having as its principal element the sensual nudity of a Bacchante in ecstasy. In ancient Rome, women worshipped Bacchus, the god of wine, participating in the so-called bacchanals. A Faun, the Roman god of the countryside and the shepherds, supports the Bacchante.  

Simon Bolivar Pier, near Imbabura Street, Gardens of Pier.