Forge of Vulcano Monument

Monumento a la Fragua de Vulcano



The monument was inaugurated on July 25, 2005 and bears its name to honor the secret meeting held in October 1, 1820 at the house of Patriot Jose de Villamil. This encounter marked the beginning of the independence deed of Guayaquil, which was later, called "The Forge of Vulcan" by Patriot Jose de Antepara, who convened this meeting related it to the Roman God of fire and metal that do and undo the yokes and chains.



The group of sculptures, work of the Spanish sculptor Victor Ochoa, is composed of three elements that relate in its harmonic conception. The first figure is that of the Patriot of Guayaquil Jose Joaquin de Olmedo, and the other two are of the founding fathers that attended the historical meeting: Luis Urdaneta, Miguel de Letamendi, Leon de Febres Cordero, Gregorio Escobedo, Juan Francisco, Antonio Elizalde, Luis Fernando Vivero, Lorenzo de Garaycoa, Jose de Villamil, Francisco Maria Roca, Jose de Antepara, Rafael Maria Jimena and Francisco de Paula Lavayen.


The visitor can enter the sculptural set and become a part of it, appreciating the sculptures from the inside out at eye level. 

Clemente Ballen Street and Malecon Simon Bolivar Avenue