The Four Elements Towers

Las Torres de los Cuatro Elementos



According to narratives of historian Parsival Castro Pita, the aborigine people of America believed that the four elements of nature (earth, air, water and fire) had spiritual qualities. The fire was synonym of optimism and courage; the air of creative imagination, the water meant the capacity to adapt to the circumstances and the earth was synonym of the fulfillment of projects. Therefore, the Municipality, within the process of urban regeneration, built the towers symbolizing the four elements to rescue the ancestral traditions.



The Tower of Water (next to 10 de Agosto Street) is a sculpture that symbolizes the emotive image of human reflection; the Viewpoint Tower of Fire (next to Illingworth Passage) has several balconies in front of the river that offer a unique view of the city; the Viewpoint Tower of Earth (next to Illingworth Street) also serves as viewpoint. The symbolic Tower of Air (next to Elizalde Street) has the shape of a sailboat.

Simon Bolivar Pier, between 10 de Agosto and Elizalde streets.