Gardens of the Simon Bolivar Pier

Jardines del Malecón Simón Bolívar

Attractions: the gardens comprise an area of 22.000 square meters in which, more than 350 plant species can be observed, both native and non-native. Additionally, there is an artificial estuary and a lagoon with ducks, gooses and fish.

The circuit is formed by a group of pedestrian pathways of 1.5 kilometers in length, which have tall trees that provide shadow, besides water fountains, bridges, ramps, trails and contemplation and rest areas, supported by public spaces like squares, piazzas, viewpoints, docks, pergolas and stands. The place has a speaker system used only for special exhibitions that produces sounds that recreate the ecological environment of the botanical areas.

Services: the pedestrian pathways guarantee the safety of the elderly, the children and the handicapped. It also has didactic signage for orientation, safety, control and vigilance; restaurants, bars and sanitary facilities.

Simon Bolivar Pier, near Imbabura Street.
Pedro Carbo