Goverment´s Palace (Heritage)

Palacio de la Gobernación (Patrimonial)


The historical sources that date from the XVIII century point out that the first building that included the Governor's office had been operational since 1779 in the building of the State’s Accountantship, which was located in the current location. In 1855, after 76 years of its construction, time damaged the building so it was restored.
German architect Augusto Ridder, following the original sketch traced by Italian engineer Mario Gherardi constructed the current building between 1923 and 1924. The works started on March 26, 1923 and was inaugurated a year later. After several decades, the respective local administrations carried out remodeling works that maintained the neoclassic architectural style.


Its architecture denotes several styles, something that was very trendy in the 1920s. The structure is divided in four blocks, joined by a cross-shaped passage that serves as a pedestrian access, with an iron and glass dome.
Its neoclassical style is distinguished by the kind of triumphal arches located at the entrance of the galleries and supported by four columns. The work of ornamentation, especially the carving in the capitals, cornices and moldings were made by the Italian artist Emilio Soro Lenti.

Simon Bolivar Avenue and Aguirre Street.