Guayaquil Conquista el Cielo Stained Glass Window (Guayaquil Conquers Sky)

Vitral Guayaquil conquista el cielo


Edgar Cevallos Rosales.


It was built in 1873 and tells the history of aviation through a fragment of the poem by Edgar Cevallos that says: "The curious people filled San Francisco, the squares, the streets, all the places. Guayaquil looked how an air balloon from a circus inflamed and ascended to the sky”.

The poem describes a universe packed with many colorful birds, the Square of San Francisco, the old Jockey Club racetrack (hippodrome), a floating circus with trapeze artists and the monoplane that belonged to Cosme Renella. Another poem also talks about the beginnings of aviation, from June 8, 1903.

Americas Avenue, Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Airport.