Hospitalidad Guayaquileña

Hospitalidad Guayaquileña, Manos Entrelazadas

The sculpture called "Hospitalidad guayaquileña" is located on Avenida de las Américas, in the north of the city.

With a system of led lights similar to the one inaugurated in the Morisca tower (public clock), the monument of "Hospitalidad guayaquileña" is planned to position as a new tourist attraction of Guayaquil, as the symbol of the welcome of the city to its visitors.

The height of the hands made of aluminum is 12 meters, and they are on a base of 10 meters. The weight of each hand is about 8 tons.

The work was conceived by the Mayor Jaime Nebot and sculpted by the artist Édgar Cevallos.

Av. de las Américas, a la altura de la salida de la Escuela de Oficiales y Tropas (EFOT) de la Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador