House of Ana Villamil (Heritage)

Casa de Ana Villamil (Patrimonial)


Home of music composer Ana Villamil Icaza, author of the music of the hymn to Guayaquil, which is considered a heritage house for its historic importance and its architecture of the XX century.  A plaque that says the composer died there on October 23, 1916 certifies the authenticity of the house.
The house, which dates back to the XIX century, was originally built in wood, but was later rebuilt in reinforced concrete while trying to preserve its original style.


The house made of a combination of materials like cement, wood and marble, stands out for its XIX century structure. It is supported by eleven square columns that provide a large area for a porch, as was traditional in that time. The balconies are decorated with iron balusters and traditional blinds, characteristic of the architecture of Guayaquil. Rounded lanterns also stand out, which are placed near de balconies.

Chimborazo Avenue and 10 de Agosto Street.