House of Leopoldo Izquieta Perez (Heritage)

Casa del Doctor Leopoldo Izquieta Pérez (Patrimonial)


The house, whose project belongs to Italian architect Francesco Maccaferri Colli, is an expression of the so-called Art Nouveau (new art) in the architecture of Guayaquil of the XX century, which was a tendency for its architectural design and its furniture and also was a renewal of the style of the European and American architecture, especially Brussels, where in the late XIX century and early tXX century were born the great masters of architecture. This new school deviated from straight lines, to give room to the curved ones, both in volume and facade.


The house keeps the outlines of the original design. It sits on multiple arch shaped columns with circled ornamentations. It has four floors each with different characteristics. The first has a rectangular balcony and circular arched windows. The second has a small balcony in the shape of an inverted "V" in forged iron, on which there is a round ornament and rectangular windows. The third has no balcony and its windows are square.

General Cordova Avenue # 920 and P. Icaza Street.