¿How to get around?

¿Cómo Transportarse?


It is a massive transportation system that has 3 trunk lines, 4 terminals, 16 feeder routes that connect to the main trunk, and 59 minor stations in several areas of the city. The fare to the general public is $ 0.25. Persons with disabilities, students and the elderly only pay $ 0.12. You can also ask for a rechargeable electronic card to access the transportation service.

El mapa interactivo del Sistema de la Metrovía se encuentra en desarrollo, usted puede revisar la información de las rutas en su sitio web oficial http://www.metrovia-gye.com.ec/.


Besides the buses that feed the routes of the Metrovia, there are several bus lines that can take you to different points of the city.


Tourist can access the secure taxi service from the Land Terminal Jaime Roldos Aguilera, the Airport Jose Joaquin de Olmedo, shopping malls and hotels. Informal yellow cabs, which don’t have the proper cooperative badge, are not recommended.