Juan Montalvo Park and Bust

Parque Juan Montalvo



The park that houses the bust was built in honor to Ecuadorian writer Juan Montalvo Fiallos, a renowned novelist whose liberal thoughts were strongly marked by anti-clericalism and opposing line against dictators such as Gabriel Garcia Moreno and Ignacio de Veintimilla.

Its history goes back to the last century, when the park was placed in what was then called Street of the Industry, known now as Eloy Alfaro. There it remained for 85 years, until 2004, when it was moved to the area of the gardens of the Leon Febres Cordero walkway, in the Simon Bolivar Pier, next to Roca Street.



The site, gives priority to the natural environment, since there are a variety of palm trees, mango trees and acacias; gardens with colorful plants and ferns. There is also a pool and a ring filled with pigeons. The monument that honors Montalvo is placed in the center, which was made by the sculptor from Loja, Alfredo Palacio Moreno. A round base that serves as a pedestal and that is located in the middle of a ring decorated with lawn supports the bust.



The place offers both recreational and commercial services, since it’s surrounded by shopping malls with affordable prices, therefore, the visitor can tour the place and shop at the same time.

Avenue Pedro Carbo between Colon Street and Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Boulevard.