La Vida del Manglar Mural (Life in the Mangrove)

 Mural La Vida del Manglar


Gabriel Townsend Melgar.


The mural depicts different subjects in which can be appreciated a combination of different plants of multicolored feathers with naval themes, like two ships that ‘sail’ over the mural.

To the lively colors of the murals, complementary elements of the overpass are added, like the windings and the height of the bridges that converge in the location.

The mural is one of the winners of the sixth contest of adequacy of murals carried out by the Municipality in the year 2005. This is part of the urban regeneration policy developed by the Mayor of Guayaquil, Jaime Nebot.

The author, an architect devoted to indigenous art, is one of the most renowned figures of Ecuadorian art. This is the criterion of one person close to the artist due to his passing:
"He made the mural, gave it many colors and always thought that when he no longer existed, people would always remember him by the mural. This work gave him the opportunity to show his ideas."

25 de Julio Avenue and Pio Jaramillo Alvarado Street.