Laguna de Cristal Beach Resort - Coviem

Balneario Laguna de Cristal COVIEM


The health resort Laguna de Cristal located in the suburb Coviem at the south of the city is a work of the Municipality of Guayaquil due to the process of urban regeneration carried out to improve the city. Siglo XXI Foundation through the contractor Inmomariuxi carried out the construction.

The beach resort, inaugurated on April of 2014, has 23,985 square meters with a maximum depth of 1 meter with 20 centimeters. It also has a lagoon whose space for children have a depth of 30 centimeters, which feeds from a properly treated well.

The lagoon comprises an area of 8,343 square meters, from which 6,000 are destined to the circulation of tourists. It also has 4,680 meters of beaches and 6,045 meters for green areas.


This is the first popular and artificial beach resort of the city, and the only one in the country. It has a lagoon and an artificial beach with an area of one hectare for swimmers; properly signage areas for children, an antiskid film that simulates sand and an island were swimmers could get tanned.

The lagoon has a specific recreational and resting area with 52 beach concrete chairs, four pergolas and a gymnasium.


It has four surveillance towers, 52 showers, rest areas, dressers, bars, a nursery, entrance gates and an emergency exit.

Pio Jaramillo Street and Sixto Duran Borrero Avenue
Thursday to Sunday and holidays from 10 h 00 to 17 h 00