The Light House

El Faro



Its construction began on July of 2001 and was inaugurated in 2002 with Jaime Nebot as Mayor of Guayaquil. The work evokes and rescues the significance that the first Lighthouse had to the city, which, in 1841, was located in the island of Santa Clara also known as El Muerto Island, right at the exit from the Gulf of Guayaquil, in front of the area called Punta de Piedra (Point of Stone).

In that time (XIX Century), the Lighthouse was very important because the river was the key gateway to the city. The light of the lighthouse of Santa Clara served to safeguard the sailors to prevent their vessels from stranding, stagnations, even shipwrecks.

Currently, the Lighthouse is the main image of the tourist campaign “Guayaquil is my destination”.



Located at the highest point of the Hill, the Lighthouse has a height of 18.75 meters and rises from a peak of 85.90 meters above sea level, condition that allows a visual tour of 360 degrees. Its structure has an indoor staircase that leads to a balcony, which offers a strategic viewpoint to appreciate the city in its entire splendor. 

Stair # 444 of the Diego Noboa Staircases, Santa Ana Hill.