Lineal Park

Parque Lineal


The park bears the name of Carlos Armando Romero Rodas, in honor to the famous radio broadcaster. It is a work of the Municipality of Guayaquil whose construction began on January of 2004 and it was completed almost 10 months later, when it was inaugurated on October 21 of that year.

The park has almost one kilometer of length (875,40 meters), in an area of 21,720,45 square meters. Through the park visitors can appreciate the wide variety of flora and fauna that borders the estuary.


It has natural features like the mangrove, which are the habitat of nine migratory species and the flora of the coast, in which, trees, gardens and plants of the region stand out.

The tour includes gardens, ponds, artificial lagoons, paths, docks, and a small square that has a central agora with three scenarios for artistic events. It also has monuments to patriots like Emilio Estrada Carmona, president of Ecuador from 1855 to 1911; sculptures of characters like Don Quixote, the Equilibrist, the Venus of Valdivia. It also has figures representing symbolic animals of the city like the crab and other sculptures like the so-called “Amigas de mi Jardin” (Friends of my Garden), which is carved in a log of 500 years of antiquity.

There is also the park of the canoeing school of the Federation of that sport and the piazza called Carlos Armando Romero Rodas, which has a central agora with three scenarios, destined for children and for the performance of artistic and cultural presentations.

During the night, the estuary looks like a mirror that reflects the lights of the Lineal Park of the Catholic University.


The Park has six access doors. Its floor is cobbled and has small islets with ornamental plants and rest areas with 153 benches made of metal and wood. The park has four small trails that deviate from the main path of 874,5 meters to allow the visitors to walk through the surroundings of the park in which they can appreciate its natural environment, the flora and fauna species. 

Carlos Julio Arosemena Avenue.
Mondays to Sundays from 08h00 to 18h00.