Los Samanes National Recreational Area

Área Recreacional Los Samanes

Attractions: known as Samanes Park, is a green area of 860,12 hectares and a memorial to the ecological Riviera of the Guayas River, which provides health, recreation and sports. The park has 10 km of trails for cycling, walking and running activities, which provides a harmonic integration between the visitors and nature. People can exercise 24 hours a day and enjoy 50 sports courts in one place.

There are soccer fields (18 for adults and 16 for children), three of them are professional and one has stands, which was named Christian Benitez Betancourt Stadium in honor of the late soccer player from the Ecuadorian Soccer Team. Besides, 4 basketball courts, 5 volleyball courts, 2 tennis courts, 2 handball courts and 10 multipurpose courts.

The park also comprises playgrounds for children and bio-healthy machines to perform aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Flora: the terrain of the park has the characteristics of dry forests and houses 193 tree species like: beldaco, membrillo, guayacan, saman, saiba, ceibo, pai pai, guachapeli, samancillo, coquito, pigio, bototillo, muyuyo, guasmo and nigüito or cherry-tree.

30 plant species have been identified: 17 are trees, 9 are bushes, and 4 are climbing plants.

Fauna: the area stands out for the richness of its bird fauna, which comprises 48 identified species like: the mosquerito Coronado bird, the pipilio, herons, the playero coleador, perico cachetigris, the mosqueros and semilleros, ducks and stilts.

Cultural Activities: the park has wide spaces for artistic and cultural activities like exhibitions, concerts, street theater and more. 

Francisco de Orellana Avenue and Teodoro Alvarado Olea Street.
Mondays to Sundays from 06h00 to 22h00.