Lost Mural

Mural Perdido


Manuel Rendon Seminario.


The work, popularly known as "Lost Mural", for the history that surrounds it, was placed on the façade of the Simon Bolivar Cultural Center, Anthropological Museum of Contemporary Art (MAAC for its Spanish acronym), on July 25, 2011 by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

This mural of 20,40 meters long, was "lost" for 30 years, since it was stored first in the warehouses of the Central Bank of Ecuador and later in the MAAC.
The mural, made in Mexico in 1980 in a Byzantine glass mosaic technique, was supposed to be located in 1982 at one of the façades of the building of the institution in Guayaquil. This never happened, because it was initially thought that the building that occupies three streets (Pedro Carbo, 9 de Octubre and Pichincha) extends to a fourth Street (P. Icaza), which was not achieved, but the mural was already made so it was stored.

In 1994, its existence was accidentally discovered, when the Bank hired artists Jorge and Carlos Swett to restore the mural that Rendon had done in the 80's and could not see it installed, because he died in Portugal. Swett and the rest of the artists were informed that in the cellars of the Bank, there were spare parts, but when they went to see, they were surprised by the novelty of finding a whole mural.

They made a report and from 1994 to 2010 efforts were made to restore the mural, which turned out to be fruitless. On 2011 the search for a place to put it started and finally a space was found in the Anthropological Museum of Contemporary Art, in a corridor that links two areas.

The restoration process lasted four months, and the installation of the mural on the wall lasted 15 days.


Malecon Simon Bolivar near Loja Street.