MAAC Library

Biblioteca del MAAC


In the year 2004, the Anthropologic Museum of Contemporary Art (MAAC for its Spanish acronym), put a public library at the service of the people that provides information about art, archeology, anthropology and other related subjects; besides of the numerous encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines and general brochures available for school investigations. The users have at their disposition over 18,500 publications from which 10,600 are part of the bibliographic fund of the Central Bank and 5,700 are documents from the Olaf Holm fund.

The library uses a system of open shelves, which permits direct contact between the user and the bibliographic fund. It also has a file to facilitate the search of the readers.

In parallel with the library, the functional Documentary Center operates, which has 35 computers with folders of press articles from 20-years-ago. These files are for those students that search specific information of the past.

The library also has the MAAC book, which is a library where the user can access several publications focused on anthropology, archeology, art and social studies.

Simon Bolivar Pier, near Loja Street.
Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10h00 to 17h00, Sundays from 10h00 to16h10.