Madre Naturaleza Mural (Mother Nature)

Mural Madre Naturaleza


Carlos Swett Salas.


The mural was the first in Guayaquil to be planted into the pillars of an overpass, since May 21, 2001. Its style, considered a mixture of magical realism, art and elegance, highlights the vernacular values of the Coast within the ambiance formed by the flora, rivers and seas.

The mural was worked in a bass relief technique of rebuilt stone and ceramic. It highlights some animals such as: Diostede (toucan), the Lizard of Tembladera (alligator), el Bufeo (dolphin), el Tigrillo (Ocelot), la Iguana Colorada, the mountain butterflies, el Chupaflor (hummingbird), fishes of the sea and rivers among many other specimens that along with mother nature are symbolized by a half woman and half tree figure.

The colors used were neutral in order to avoid flamboyant colors and respect the sobriety of the surroundings.

The mural was awarded in a mural adequacy contest that was held on May of 2001, which was part of the urban regeneration policy carried out by Major of the city, Jaime Nebot.


Traffic interchanger of Quito Avenue and Julian Coronel Street.