Malecon 2000 Shopping Center

Centro Comercial Malecón 2000


The modern facilities of this shopping center and its strategic location in the middle of a natural environment - the banks of the Guayas River- offer the tourist a wide range of possibilities from going shopping to all kind of services, since it has 238 stores that sell clothing, shoes, jewelry, hats, perfumes, artisan work, haircuts, sweets, optical stores, health and beauty, technological stores, pharmacies, banks, among others. Besides the exhibition areas, there are playgrounds, coffee shops, food courts, etc.

The building is composed by a three-level platform. In the lower stories there are parking spaces with a capacity for 230 vehicles and 69 storage warehouses for merchandise. In the first floor there are four galleries that conform the shopping center. In the terrace viewpoint there are 17 restaurants and wide areas for walking with a direct view to the river.

In the surrounding areas of the commercial center there are several bathrooms, as well as immediate assistance points and of first aid, green areas, children's games, a viewpoint terrace, a river pier and passive recreation areas.

Simon Bolivar Pier, from Olmedo Boulevard to Colon Street.
Mondays to Sundays from 10h00 to 20h00.