Manglares El Salado Wildlife Reserve (Puerto Hondo)

Reserva de Producción Faunística Manglares El Salado (Puerto Hondo)

History: It is an ecotourism center of 2,000 hectares, established on July 6, 1987 and managed by Fundacion Natura and Pro Bosque, to raise awareness about the preservation of green areas and animal species.

Attractions: It is a mangrove area, in which, an ecological environment that allows the visitor to rest and have healthy fun surrounds the waters and the tranquility of the sector. Its climate is considered warm, with an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

Its main attraction is the estuary and the mangroves. The sea arm of Puerto Hondo is clean, free of contamination, suitable for swimming.

Flora: within the ecosystem of the Mangrove Forest are four mangrove species: Red mangrove, white mangrove, black mangrove and Jeli mangrove or button mangrove. In addition, there are several species of trees, among them the carob tree, shrubs such as leucaena, niguito and mate. There are also many species of plants that are part of this ecosystem such as mosses, ferns, lichens, bromeliads and orchids.

Fauna: the area is home to some species of the fauna of the mangroves, as well as vertebrate mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and crustaceans.

Among the birds, 115 species have been registered at the time, which include: the Brown Pelican, the frigate, cormorant, several types of egrets (large, snow-white, blue, ribbed) yellow corona herons, yellow Warblers, the lora frentirroja (red forehead bird) and Kingfishers. Among the migratory birds, the Peregrine Falcon, Osprey and Spotted Sandpiper Beach are registered. Among the mammals that can be observed there are squirrels and crab-eating raccoons.

To visit this beautiful natural site is to have direct contact with the exotic flora and fauna, typical of the sector, and their care is a community effort to preserve the remnants of the mangrove forest in this area, which offers the possibility of ecotourism.

Recreational activities: due to the cleanliness of the estuary, you can swim and learn to swim. Also canoe rides can be taken across the estuary that have a cost $ 15.00 and a capacity for up to 7 people. It includes guide, rower and vests. Kayak trips have a cost of $4.00.

The sea arm also serves for fishing activities because there are several kinds of fish such as mullets, croakers, mojarras, and sea bass. Fishing has the permanent company of an experienced guide.

The place is also ideal for taking photographs, because of the scenic beauty of the coastal landscape.

Beach Resort: in Puerto Hondo, you can find a beach resort and recreational center of the same name which features a water playground with water slides, waterfalls and water jets, a viewpoint overpass for the observation of the mangroves and a small beach where visitors can swim and enjoy in the waters of the Salado Estuary. In addition it has a pier and a berth for small boats (boats and canoes), pergolas and parasols.

Services: Cabins with changing rooms and showers. At the entrance of the place, there is a space of soup kitchens where typical Ecuadorian dishes are sold.

km 18 Via a la Costa
Mondays to Sundays from 08h00 to 16h00.