Manhattan Mural A Tribute to Aracely Gilbert

Mural en Homenaje a Araceli Gilbert


Carlos Swett


Since the construction of the Casa de la Cultura (Culture Center), on 9 de Octubre Boulevard, it was foreseen that in the lateral wall of the structure, on Quito Avenue, a mural of great transcendence was to be crafted. Such mural was not able to create for more than six decades, when a proposal was addressed by the Cultural Center to Jaime Nebot Saadi, Mayor of Guayaquil, for the Municipality to create a mural in such wall. The project was accepted immediately by the Mayor and, trough common agreement with the Gilbert family, as well as with art critic Ines Flores and the Cultural Center, it was decided that the mural had to represent the work of the renowned painter of Guayaquil, Araceli Gilbert, as a tribute from Guayaquil to such great artist to commemorate the centenary of her birth.

The work is titled “Manhattan”, and it was chosen due to its chromatic impact. It was inaugurated on July 2, 2014.

The new mural is 16 meters height by 6 meters wide. The artwork was crafted in 2 by 2 glass mosaic and shows the artist constructive art, a true homage to Aracely Gilbert, the arts and the city of Guayaquil.

Avenida Quito y boulevard 9 de Octubre.