Martin Aviles Building (Old Crillon Hotel) (Heritage)

Edificio Martín Avilés “Antiguo Hotel Crillón” (Patrimonial)


The “Italian Construction Company” built it between 1927 and 1930; the construction was in charge of Italian architect Pedro Fontana and the decoration was in the hands of Emilio Soro Lenti. The building that originally was the headquarters of the Crillon Hotel was one of the most luxurious facilities of the city at that time.
After the closure of the hotel, the Cantonal Water and Sewer Company of the city occupied the building. In October 2002, the Municipality of Guayaquil acquired the structure to the Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil (Welfare Board) for several municipal offices to work there. The building is now called “Martin Aviles Building”, as a tribute to the former director of such board.


This modern style building has four floors. Its façade is notable for its vertical appearance that is topped by a series of arched pediments whose pillars provide the framework for a series of blinds with carved tops, a classic design within the architecture of Guayaquil that are also arranged symmetrically. These pilasters have a spiral ornament as a decorative element and also acanthus leaves.
A square based tower highlights the corner of the building; among the pediments there are jars with sculptures of human heads. The open skylight also stands out, which, besides contributing to the illumination and ventilation of the building’s interior, has several polychrome glasses.
The access to the interior is through a passage in the form of an “L” that has galleries that are located around a skylight whose cover is made of iron and glass.

Pichincha Avenue and Clemente Ballen Street.