Masonic Temple (Heritage)

Templo Masónico (Patrimonial)


Built in the early years of 1940, its architecture filled with symbols, maintains the classic schemes of the first temple, located on 9 de Octubre and Escobedo avenues, until it was sold to El Universo newspaper. In 2002 the building was restored within the process of urban regeneration.


The Masonic Temple presents a neoclassic style with Greek columns that begin one meter from the sidewalk to symbolize that the temple is of spiritual nature and not material. From the columns of Corinthian capitals, windows are depicted with paintings, since the masons are a secret organization for definition.
The two story building has four circular columns with intrinsic designs that create three arches that are supported by square concrete bases, which end up in capitals that reach a triangular roof with the word “ALGDGADU” inscribed in it, which means “For the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe.”
A compass can be appreciated in the upper pediment, which is the symbol of thought, whose branches are above the square, symbol of the matter.

Francisco Lavayen and Calixto Romero streets.